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Products offered through Duerr Financial Corporation, in association with Investor Services and State Bank, are not insured by the FDIC or any federal agency, are not deposits or other obligations or guarantees of this financial institution, or any other affiliated entity, and may involve investment risk, including possible loss of principal amount invested. Duerr Financial Corporation is not affiliated with State Bank.

How does Investor Services at State Bank uniquely serve your investment goals?

Solutions - We offer a full line of investment products, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and annuities.

Values - While we are proud of our past, our focus is on the future. We will continue to be guided by our philosophy of delivering quality investment solutions to assist you in achieving your goals.

Leadership - Our Financial Consultants manage over $92 million dollars in assets for individuals and small businesses.

Accessibility - Financial Consultants are available in any of our locations across the state. We can show you multiple planning scenarios and even put you just a click away from all account information online.

Experience - Our staff has over 45 years of collective wealth management experience.

Discipline - We believe all investors benefit from ongoing professional advice. Regardless of your investment objective, all accounts are managed with careful attention to risk.

Attention to You - We emphasize client communication. We are available to meet with clients whenever an investment question is received either face-to-face, by telephone or by email. Clients can receive updates through our website and via email.

Helping you pursue your investment goals:

Identify your goals for retirement, education, wealth building and insurance.

Develop your plan for asset allocation.

Select your investments to carry out your plan.

Monitor and rebalance your plan and your investments.

Once your goals are set, develop your plan to succeed . . .

Retirement Planning - Whether you wish to set aside funds for retirement or are already retired and seeking the best management of your resources, Investor Services at State Bank is here to turn your retirement dreams into reality. We help you sort through tax-deferred options, insurance needs, saving plans and retirement plan distributions to find the strategy that suits your specific needs.

Education Planning - The average cost for tuition at a public university could triple by the time today's toddler heads off to school. Meet the challenge by investing in an educational savings plan. Our financial consultants explain the range of options available, including the innovative 529 College Savings Plan. Together, we will develop an easy, affordable way to invest in your child's future.

Wealth Building - Time, not money, is your best friend when building wealth. Even a small sum, invested regularly and allowed to compound over time, will pay huge dividends in the long run. Systematic investment, compound interest and your willingness to stay the course through good times and bad are your best assets. The sooner you start, the sooner you arrive! Ask Investor Services how.

Insurance Protection - What would happen to your goals if you were to die or become disabled? With adequate planning, insurance can prevent lifestyle changes, regardless of obstacles or losses that come along. How much is enough? Do you even need insurance? Investor Services at State Bank will help you answer these questions and protect your dreams and your family's future.

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We help you select investments that get you there with peace of mind.

Use the Art of Allocation to Meet Your Goals

These six simple questions open in new window will help you discover which of the five major investment strategies (Aggressive Strategy, Growth Strategy, Balanced Strategy, Moderate Strategy, Conservative Strategy) are best suited to your goals. Once we know a little about your investment experience, current holdings, expected needs, and goals and attitudes toward market action, we can recommend the right investments for your personal situation. We address not just an ideal mix of stocks, bonds, and cash, but also the specific types of investments that make sense for you. We help you diversify to prepare for the markets' ups and downs and to seek the best possible return at a level of risk that allows you to sleep at night.