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Your privacy is important to us.

Protecting information online

Whether you are a current customer or just visiting us online, we safeguard the information you provide us at How we use and protect this information is shown below.

Protecting online applications

When you apply online for accounts or services, or enroll in online banking, you provide personal information necessary for us to process your application. To ensure that your application remains confidential, the information is sent to us in a "secure session" established with Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

After you have submitted your application online, we recommend that you end your browser session before leaving your computer. We keep the information you provide us so that we can offer you accounts and services related to your financial needs.

How we handle e-mail

We preserve the content of your e-mail, your e-mail address and our response so that so we can more efficiently handle any follow-up questions that you may have. If we think that a particular State Bank product or service may benefit you, we may contact you at your e-mail address to inform you of potential benefits and availability.

E-mail transmits data and files in an environment that is NOT SECURE.

State Bank strongly discourages the transmission of important, personal, and confidential information via e-mail. When e-mailing us, avoid using confidential information i.e. account numbers, etc.

What we do with online surveys

The information you provide us on survey and promotions, assist in developing our web site and marketing information. In addition, we may inform you of new accounts and services from State Bank based on the information you provide to us.

No data "capture" with planning tools

There are many planning tools and calculators found throughout our web site to help you make the right financial decisions, that are right for you in the privacy of your home. We encourage you to try the "what if" scenarios as often as you like. When you run the various planning tools, the calculations run on your computer. We do not capture any of the personal information you provide on these planning tools.

Protecting your online banking

When you bank online with us, we along with the outside companies we work with to bring these services to you, have access to your information. Information is retained on our system or the system of the appropriate outside company, depending on what is required in order to serve you.

We use state-of-the-art Internet technology, supported by the outside companies we work with, to make online banking secure and to protect your personal information. We require an I.D. and password to access your accounts. If you do not provide this information, we cannot establish an online banking service for you.

You can also help maintain the security of your banking information by not sharing your I.D. or password with anyone, by changing your password regularly and by remembering to sign off.

About "cookies"

To provide you better service and a more effective web site, we use "cookies" as part of our interaction with your browser. A "cookie" is a small text file placed on your hard drive by our web page server. These cookies do not collect personal information, and we do not combine information collected through cookies with other personal information to determine who you are or your e-mail address.

Cookies are commonly used on web sites and do not harm your system. We use cookies to determine if you have previously visited our web site and for a number of administrative purposes.

Count on our commitment to your privacy

You can count on us to keep you informed about how we protect your privacy and limit the sharing of information your provide us, whether it's at a banking center, over the phone, or through the Internet.

Please note that since we cannot control information on other Internet sites, we are not responsible for the content of sites linked from

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • In Microsoft Explorer when browsing securely the browser will display a locked padlock icon at the bottom of its open window, which looks like this:
  • Please visit the Microsoft Web site Opens in a new window to download the 128-bit encryption version of Internet Explorer.

Netscape Navigator

  • In Netscape Navigator when browsing securely the browser will display a locked padlock icon at the bottom left of its open window, which looks like this:
  • In Netscape Navigator when browsing insecurely that padlock appears unlocked, like
  • Please visit the Netscape Web site Opens in a new window to download the 128-bit encryption version of Netscape Navigator or Communicator.